Artist's Statements through the years.

It’s always some sort of self-portrait.  Travel in Time.    

Any idea is worth making.  Do not get paralyzed by doubts...fuck it, be free!  Some ideas are inevitably better than others--the worst that can happen is the creation of something more beautiful than the negativity and nothing that already existed.  The important thing is to keeping creating, and to never stop, the good ideas will emerge on their own.  

Travel, see the world--Life is too short and too precious to waste on anything that is joyless and friendless.  

I'm not really inspired by my own problems anymore, or at least not directly. More and more I'm inspired by history.  History shows my problems to be trivial. 

The metric is mine, and I'm happy about it.  Living it is the whimsical challenge.

My own anxieties drive my work. Always have.  That and I'm surrounded by stupid--stupid is inspiring and funny. 

I'm not making any effort to delineate between good ideas and bad ideas. They are all just a bunch of ideas. It is quite liberating.

As I get better at making my art I seem to get worse at talking about it. I find it continuously more difficult to speak in grand terms about what my art means. I just paint amusing or frustrating images that pop into my head. The true meaning and content typically reveal themselves during the making.  The form mutates as the conceptual significance grows clearer. My brain is smarter than my conscious mind, it makes connections, that become apparent to the conscious me, after the initial moments of humor or frustration.  

I'm not creative. I recognize greatness and steal it. Lately I've been stealing from my self.

It is not the duty of the artist to tell people how to think, rather the artist conveys to the public how he or she thinks so that individuals may evaluate their own thought processes. It is in the interest of all society to understand their true surroundings--understanding and awareness stir the thought process and therefore incite change as well.